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 ALS Reflection

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PostSubject: ALS Reflection   ALS Reflection EmptyFri Feb 28, 2014 9:24 am

ALS has made many mistakes in different people eyes. I say decision will always have a negative and a positive to it and no matter how hard the decision it is to make it will always effect other people. ALS in the current past have known what it is to be alone and have there most trusted member (who will not be name) leave upon and mocked us on our own chat. A player i personally look up to for around 4 years and i consider him a second father. Neither less his decision will be respect and will always be looked at as a "Lost friend" not an enemy.

Sadly ALS only consist of 2 active member and Echo and my myself will make sure to go against all odds once more to stand for what ALS should be once a wise man agree "Noble" "Humble" "Loyal" and mature members. Now I will end star wars battlefront 2 with the clan i fought for so long and struggle to make it what it is today. It may not be much but ALS is where i met great friends not just clan members.

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ALS Reflection
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